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Mobile Apps Installation Campaign & Marketing

Google Adwords For App

With "Mobile app installs" campaigns, you can focus your entire campaign on getting more people to download your app. Once you select the app you want to promote, we’ll help customize the rest of your campaign targeting and ads to increase app installs.

Type of Campaigns :
a) Search : Keywords based campaigns; Visible upon search; account debited upon the app installed via the keyword searched by user
b) Display : Banner based campaigns; account debited upon app installed via banner displayed on targeted networks and placements.

Facebook Ads For App

  • Facebook Ads function differently from Google AdWords because they don’t require the viewer to do an online search to find your company.
  • Facebook Ads are great for generating brand awareness, because your ad simply pops up for them without the need for a search.
  • Facebook Ad sessions tend to last longer than any other paid ad’s sessions.

The advert for your app will appear in News Feed for the audiences you want. When someone taps on your advert, they'll go straight to your app store landing page. Deep Linking is also required here for tracking installs.