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Mobile Apps Engagement Campaigns

Mobile Apps Engagement Campaigns

With "Mobile app engagement" campaigns, you can show customized ads to people who already have your app. Ads that are tailored to your current customers can help people stay engaged and continue opening your app day after day.

Tracking Actions

  • To keep track of how people use your app, and see which of your ads drove people to act, you can count specific engagement actions in your app as conversions.
  • Linking Ad campaign to Google play developer account is required for easy tracking.

How App engagement ads work?

  • App is directly linked to campaign through Deep Linking (with developer support).
  • In App actions can be tracked. Engagement can be brought to specific areas like store, registration page, review section and many more.
  • You can reach people who already have your app installed; and if they don't, they'll be asked to install the app.

Facebook App Engagement Campaigns

With this, you can link to specific areas of your app – such as your online store, a registration page and more – so you can give your customers the experience you want. This advert also appears in News Feed for your audience, but instead of an install, they go straight to the part of the app you want them to go to.

We can run App Engagement Campaigns in which we can have engagements on registration page & the action would be Registration. If an end user doesn’t have the App installed then the campaign will prompt him to install the App first