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Creating a Successful Corporate Intranet is Not a Problem Anymore

Designing an effective intranet is not everyone’s cup of tea. It actually requires expertise and some good knowledge on where to start and how to finish the project in order to deliver the outcomes that meet the expectations of your business needs and budget. There are many companies which actually fail in doing so due to not designing a productive intranet. If you are planning to make out a strategy for the useful intranet for your corporate entity and still getting confused on from where to start and how to implement it, it’s wise to keep reading the information given below.

What is an Intranet All About?

Based on IP technology, an intranet is a private network, which helps companies to enable their employees to connect with each together through multiple internal networks, databases, and data sources for various professional purposes. Not it is used as a communications platform only, but this platform also bridges the gap among various departments by providing a way to share useful and beneficial information throughout the enterprise. If we talk about the large-sized organization, we may find that the intranet may include multiple private networks. For instance, a firm with different offices may have a distinct and unique network for each workplace, but, of course, a larger intranet to connect them all.

A productive intranet strategy is shared and appreciated by all stakeholders, documented nicely and has distinct metrics or KPIs, i.e. Key performance signs. It essentially directs the executable actions in a corporate environment. As a result, it holds a large significance for today’s advanced corporate houses. It encompasses a number of useful elements, such as vision, mission, objectives, target audience, action plans, goals, audience/market segmentation, governance, and KPIs.

Each business entrepreneur should recognize that the strategy should come before the technology’s selection, architecture and the very last implementation. This is because the strategy is based on technology a lot and, the truth is that, a well-defined strategy could only make a difference when it comes to creating the productive results. Choosing any work to be completed on/through technology, earlier than genuinely developing the strategy could result in experiencing business failure. Thus, do remember the point is that regardless of how complicated or successful your intranet platform is, there will be higher possibilities of it’s failing without the presence of an ideal intranet strategy.

How to Plan for a Successful Intranet Strategy?

Now we start discussing the most essential component, i.e. how to plan out for a productive intranet. There are two components in which the planning phase is divided and it actually relates to the redesigning of an intranet. Here is a quick look at both the phases.

I. Assessment

That is the first and most important section of the planning and during this phase, the necessities of the intranet are worked upon and its current state is also documented. There are two vital functions for which it is known for, including:

  • Documenting the major requirements and needs of stakeholders and business
  • Documenting the needs and necessities of target audiences.
II. Planning

The second phase is primary meant for addressing all of the requirements and needs documented during the assessment. It includes both the strategic vision and the functional plan and is utilized to outline the different tactical steps and plans, consisting of page wireframes, governance, portal information architecture, goals and objectives, design concepts, high-level vision and mission, ROI and business case, critical success indicators, usability testing, content management policies and plan, as well as functional plan.

By following the phases clearly mentioned here, it becomes easier for anyone to design a successful and result-oriented intranet. Do keep in mind that an intranet strategy may vary from one company to company. Thus, it’s important for you to make sure that you design a model that caters all various needs to your business.

Summary: Creating a successful intranet requires following a few simple steps and you will be assured of getting the desired outcomes shortly.

Author Bio: Shruti Mahour is a digital marketing expert at MyHub – Intranet Software Company – with more than 5 years of experience in blogging about different kinds of intranet solutions for various organizations. Helping global businesses understand the use and concept of intranet, she would love to contribute her knowledge on all types of intranets used in the biz world.